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Tire Hardening & Post Inflating

Since 1997, Custom Tire Cutting has had its own tire cooker for hardening tires. Tire hardening dries the oil out of the rubber, which in turn makes the rubber harder. The benefits of harder rubber are longer tire life between sharpenings and better performance on the track. Post Inflating will increase the circumference of your tires, which in turn will give you a bigger foot print on the ground for more traction.


The following chart shows the tire sizes and pricing, call for an appointment.

Tire Size Tire Hardening Post Inflate
23-10.50-12 $65.00/pr. $25.00/pr.
26-12-12 $75.00/pr. $25.00/pr.
31-15.50-15 $110.00/pr. $50.00/pr.
34-18.00-15 $125.00/pr. $60.00/pr.
18.4-16.1 $150.00/pr. $75.00/pr.
15.5-38 $220.00/pr NA
18.4-38 $240.00/pr. NA
20.8-38 $250.00/pr. NA
24.5-32 $250.00/pr. $150.00/pr.
30.5-32 $250.00/pr. $150.00/pr.