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Mounting & Dismounting Tires on Aluminum Wheels

The following chart shows the tire sizes and pricing for mounting tires on new aluminum wheels or dismounting and mounting tires on your used aluminum wheels.


Tire Size Mounting Dismount & Mounting
Includes rubber valve stems.*
23-10.50-12 $20.00/pr.* $25.00/pr.*
26-12-12 $20.00/pr.* $25.00/pr.*



Drill and Mount

Does not include silicone adhesive, valve stems, wheel rim screws, chrome caps, balancing or adhesive weights.**

There will also be added expense for used aluminum wheels in need of repair.

31-15.50-15 $200.00/pr.** $225.00/pr.**
34-18.00-15 $200.00/pr.** $225.00/pr.**
18.4-16.1 $225.00/pr.** $250.00/pr.**
18.4-38 $425.00/pr.** $500.00/pr.**
20.8-38 $450.00/pr.** $525.00/pr.**
24.5-32 $425.00/pr.** $525.00/pr.**
30.5-32 $425.00/pr.** $525.00/pr.**



Modified Tractor

Cost for drilling rims, taping rims and installing 3/8” x 1” bolts (12/wheel half).****
Does not include bolts.****

30.5-32 $200.00/pr.**** $125.00/pr.****